Netwriting - Dedicate a Page to Your E-zine

Increase your subscription rate by highlighting your e-zine on its own dedicated page. On this page…

• design a sharp offer
• add a clear “call to action”
• finish with the subscription form.

Do this while placing yourself inside your customer’s mindset. Keep in mind for whom you are creating your Backup Response, and what you trying to achieve. What’s that, you say? Why are you working so hard to sell something that’s free? Because... Your free e-zine is not really free. It’s going to cost your customer some anonymity. A name and an e-mail address are not given lightly. And it’s going to cost her some time... time to read your zine.


Everyone (and his dog) offers an e-zine. As a result, she has to be selective. This means that she has to decide, right now, while she’s on your page, if she wants to hear from you again... if she wants to pay the price of anonymity and time. So, as always, to make a “sale,” stress the benefits of your offer.

Add a testimonial or two. Include a link to your back issues. Build a strong case to “buy into” your freebie. An e-zine must contain excellent content. Here’s why...

• It impresses people with your expertise and ability to deliver. You build credibility. If you’re selling a personal or professional service online, a high-quality e-zine is twice as important.
• It builds the habit of dealing with you. Every month, there you are, friendly as pie, helpful with great info... and obviously, an authority!
• It makes your prospect like and trust you -- they feel good about you, confident.
 • It develops feelings of obligation. Since they keep getting free, valuable content from you, when it comes time to do business, it will be from you, not a competitor.

But do not let your Backup Response become a one-way street, where you just give, give, give. You must weave in reminders that you want their business, or your customers will just fall into the habit of receiving great content... free. After a while, they just take, take, take, while you give, give, give. They don’t even thank you anymore! So...

1) Always tie the content back to your MWR. PREsell. Then sell.
2) Provide excellent content, but make it clear where the “best stuff” is (in your MWR, in case you were wondering). This is a thin line to walk.

A good content e-zine not only gives, it takes. It should directly increase your chances to get your visitors back to your site and your MWR. Your “take-away lesson”?

An effective e-zine is another way to build a relationship and establish trust. As a visitor becomes accustomed to hearing from you, the barriers to completing that first purchase or contract, come down. Remember, out of sight… out of mind! Don’t stop at “one shot.”

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