Netwriting - The Wrap-up

You can boil successful Netwriting down to this simple reality... “90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.”

Writing about something you know and love provides the inspiration. The perspiration is the effort required to stay focused on PREselling first. It’s not always easy to put your desire to earn money into a second place position… but the PREselling foundation is critical.

The Netwriting Masters Course provides you with a solid foundation upon which to grow. You have a basic understanding of how to…


• Build traffic through valuable theme-based content.
• PREsell – this is the core of effective “pre-persuasion.” PREselling builds trust and credibility and “warms up” your visitors so that they are open to what you are selling or recommending.
• Identify your Most Wanted Response (MWR) – You know what you most want your visitor/reader to do on your site. You know how to monetize your traffic.
• Determine your Ideal Customer’s mindset. It’s important to get inside your reader’s head and understand her feelings, wants and needs.
• Be benefit-focused. You can answer your reader’s single most important question... “What’s in it for me?”
• Flag your reader by creating an eye-attracting opening headline and subheadings. The key is to grab your visitor’s attention and slow those scanning eyes so that your words are read.
• Develop seamless copy. You want to create a smooth flow that pulls a PREsold reader to your MWR. • Build relationships and encourage repeat visitors by means of a quality ezine – why stop at “one shot”? Encourage repeat visits and generate more sales.

The Netwriting Masters Course can, realistically, only get you started as an epersuader. To become a great one (i.e., a profitable online business owner), it takes time and effort… and, more importantly, the right process. To be successful on the Net, you need to follow a comprehensive process that builds income through content…

1) Develop a valuable product or service -- your own creation or someone else’s!
2) Develop your own site in the niche that you know and love.
3) Fill that site with high-value content.
4) Use that content to attract your own niche-targeted traffic.
5) Build trust and credibility with your visitors.
6) Use content to PREsell your targeted visitors. And...
7) Convert that PREsold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into sales or contracts. 8) Diversify your revenue plan to include other monetization models (ex., Google’s AdSense, affiliate income, services, etc), all related to your site’s theme-based content.

This diversification will help you grow a stable profitable business that you own, one with true equity. The process is very do-able if you have the motivation, the right process and the right tools. 

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